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At, we are dedicated to meeting the specific needs of dentists and their patients

Our expert team of marketers, industry analysts, and developers establish and cultivate your online marketing program to help you connect with local patients. Representing over 20,000 clients nationwide, our team has consistently provided dentists with the best possible solutions to grow their practice. With over 92% of today’s consumers using the internet to research providers and direct their decisions, it is crucial to have a strong online presence. At, we placement-sampleanalyze different markets to uncover the most compelling methods of engaging potential patients and distinguishing yourself in the industry. Call us today to learn how to take your practice to the next level while providing first-rate care to your patients.

Local Patient Connections- Search engine placement, or SEP, is how we bring patients and providers together. At, we analyze different markets to place you directly in front of potential patients, with the highest return on your investment. Our experts identify the best possible marketing opportunities for you in Bing and Google and we place your website in the search engine’s leading position.

SEP is a month-to-month service, with no contracts, and is customized to fit into your budget and market needs. We provide our services at a flat, monthly rate with no additional costs for visits to your site. At, our knowledgeable specialists are skilled at finding the most relevant and active search terms that will drive patients to your site.
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