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As a customer service driven company, we are always considering ways to better serve you.

In the past year, we have more than tripled the size of our customer service team so that we can quickly and effectively respond to your needs. Contact us today and one of our friendly representatives will assist you with growing your business.

Terms and Conditions

 Subscription Details:

Your subscription will be set up on a month-to-month basis.  All month-to-month agreements commence on the date you first agreed to subscribe to’s Service. bills on the first day of subscription, and you will continue to be billed automatically by direct deduction on the monthly anniversary day of every subsequent month under the description Dentist Pro 800-959-2863. will not raise your monthly subscription fee without your express consent. Changes to your Exclusive Google Search Phrase, at your request, may be subject to rate changes.

For more information regarding subscription details please call the Client Services Department.

Payment & Cancelation Policies:

It is your responsibility to update with any and all changes to your customer information, including but not limited to, your personal and professional contact information, your subscribed website address, and your payment information.

If your payment fails for any reason, your marketing may remain online for up to 30 days as we contact you to collect updated payment information. This in no way negates your obligation to pay any and all monies owed to If your account is not brought current within 30 days we may turn off your marketing and turn your account over to a collections agency.

All cancellations must be requested at least three (3) business days prior to monthly anniversary date by calling 800-959-2863, Option 1 followed by Option 3. If notice of cancellation is not given within said time frame, cannot prevent automatic charge to the account.  Set up fees and monthly charges are non-refundable, a reimbursement may be made to your account at the discretion of an Account Manager.

For more information regarding subscription details please call the Client Services Department.

Exclusive Google Search Phrase:

Our Marketing Team does extensive research to determine the best marketing position for each of our clients.  We work with every client one-on-one to place them on and get them directly in front of their target market. We analyze different markets to place you in the most cost effective position, with the highest return on your investment. commits to represents only one client under any given Exclusive Google Search Phrase at a time; additionally may provide additional marketing on your behalf to further enhance your results and exposure.

While it is our goal to maximize your exposure on; cannot guarantee an exact positioning of your ad, any number of hits, clicks, leads, or new patients as a result of your online marketing. There may be events outside of our control that temporarily inhibit our ability to secure Google placement. These events could include, but are not limited to, Google System updates, Google account reviews, and any other events out of the control of has no control over the content or authenticity of your personal website and has no means of tracking resulting new patients from your online marketing. It is up to you to track your results by asking every contact you receive how they found your contact information. is not an entity of, nor directly affiliated with, Google. For more information about AdWords visit our website under the “About AdWords” link. is an independent marketing firm that specializes in creating and monitoring targeted advertising campaigns on the Google search engine. Account login is client last name and password is the email address we have on file. For more information regarding your Exclusive Google Search Phrase please contact the Client Services Department.

Customizable Websites:

To further our clients’ marketing portfolio, offers to create, host, and maintain customizable websites free of charge. While websites are active and online the majority of the time, sites may come offline momentarily due to system updates, maintenance, etc.

It is the clients’ responsibility to provide any/all website content, including but not limited to any/all verbiage, company logos, and images that do not violate copyright laws. is not responsible for the content of any customizable websites. Please allow between two (2) and ten (10) business days, depending on the complexity of your request, for customizations to be completed.

For more information regarding customizable websites please call the Client Services Department.


No employee or agent of, or any of its divisions, is authorized to conclude any binding agreement with another party by email without the approval of an Account Manager.

If you have questions on your account, please call Client Services during our business hours at 800-959-2863 and select option 1, followed by option 4.

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